What my amazing clients say about working with me

I've never been particularly fit so when I signed up for the Bath Half Marathon Tony really had his work cut out for him! As a working mum with 2 young children I didn't know where to begin. Tony was such a massive help, creating a training plan that was tailored to my busy lifestyle and advising me on nutrition. It was never about faddy diets, just sensible eating to keep your body going during those long runs. Using Tony's advise I managed to lower my body fat and increase my fitness to a level I didn't think I would be able to achieve. More than anything I really appreciated his encouragement, when I had questions he was always there to advise and motivate me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tony to anybody!.

Katie W

I started working with Tony in November, to lose the remaining weight and work towards my goal of completing my first marathon. As an athlete he completely understands how to lose weight without it negatively affecting my training. In fact it’s only been positive.

The habits based approach works brilliantly for me psychologically – I don’t feel deprived at all, and feel like I can eat what I need when I need to. I have so far dropped 10lbs, but more importantly I have dropped body fat percentage and inches, and increased my lean muscle mass. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, I don’t in any way feel deprived, for the first time I feel like I have a more healthy attitude towards food and body image, and my training has been going from strength to strength. On Sunday I knocked 5 minutes off my 10 mile personal best, and I’m sure that is a direct result of being 10lbs lighter and a lot fitter.

I can’t recommend Tony or this approach to nutrition and training highly enough, whether your goal is to complete a marathon or just lose weight.

Emma S.

The whole experience has been seamless and working with such a highly skilled and empathic coach has really improved my running. My pace has improved by an average of nearly 2 minutes per mile and I have lost over 2 stone in weight! Tony was great, even though I had to drop out of the marathon due to ever increasing work commitments, he was a fantastic support and guided my thinking on how to deal with that very difficult scenario, helping me to understand that while this is difficult, it's not the end of the world to drop out of one 'race' for the sake of my health and that protecting myself is more important than this event! Had I not had Tony to bounce this off, I probably would have run and hurt myself (again!!)

Adam C. 

Tony is a great running coach, with a heap of knowledge. Within minutes of showing Tony my technique, he was able to advise on exercises and drills to start working on. Already I can feel a difference and the only negative I'd have, would be not getting in touch sooner! Thank you


I was worried I wasn’t fast enough or able enough

You completely made me feel at ease and safe in my abilities you let me work at my own pace without me feeling self conscious when I have done previous speed sessions with other coaches I have felt like they were not for me and I wasn’t welcome. You have always made me feel welcome and that I am worth coming to the sessions

Thank you so much for all the encouragement and guidance 

Pb in half marathon and in full marathon 

Gemma H

I didn't have any reservations. I'd seen the work you'd done for other people and knew it would yield the right results.

The training journey to the marathon was the best bit of running a marathon, I realise in hindsight. I found the training to be really good fun, hard work, challenging and it yielded the desired results. I never felt disheartened or too exhausted or demotivated. In fact in future I'm going to train for marathons and then not actually do the marathon itself!!

Clare O

I thought I would never be able to achieve my goal of completing a marathon. You gave constant encouragement and support and made me believe in myself .

I would like to thank you for believing in myself, the whole training and marathon experience has been incredible and you have helped me to achieve my dream of completing a marathon. Thank you Tony

Sue C