I am very fortunate to know some really inspirational people who have been on their own running journey and as a new feature I want to introduce you to some of them. Some are new to running, some are long term runners, some run for fun and some run to compete or just to stay in shape; whatever type of runner you are and for whatever reason you run, you are part of a great community full of inspirational people wherever you are on your journey.

Julie, A Running Rockstar – Why I Run.
  Most Memorable running experience: The first time, when I couldn't run 13 yards, never mind 13K without stopping, getting[...]
Kathy, A Running Rockstar
Let me introduce you to another Running Rockstar... How did you get into running? To relieve stress! I started running[...]
Mark, A Running Rockstar
How did you get into running? A friend persuaded me to run with him. It was a cold February afternoon[...]
Laura, A Running Rockstar – Why I Run
How did I get into running? Having had a baby and feeling a bit out of shape I started with[...]
Gina, a Running Rockstar
This lady is pretty amazing, great company on a run, full of enthusiasm and a 'machine' -     How did[...]
PD, a Running Rockstar
Introducing Paul our first International Running Rockstar and a seriously quick Ironman. How did you get into running? Sadly a[...]
Running Rockstar – Michelle
​ Most memorable running experience?Running my first marathon in Manchester this year. I loved the whole process and the race[...]
Rich, a Running Rockstar
Name Rich GibbsAge 39 (40 12/11/1976)Occupation Steward of Keble CollegeYears Running. 7 Most Memorable running experience:A toss up between: after 8[...]