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Post Marathon Blues

Post Marathon Blues​I seem to have inadvertently started a series of blog posts about things that are a thing, that I didn’t know were a thing, but definitely are. See also taper madness and recovery runs. I grudgingly admit now, that recovery runs are actually a thing. But for a long time I denied this. […]

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How to mentally prepare for a marathon

Mentally preparing for a marathon Mentally Preparing for a Marathon This is something of a follow-on piece from my last blog post, about how I didn’t get my mental game right for my last marathon. This made me think about what we could/should do to mentally train as well as physically.  I genuinely have no regrets […]

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Being an older runner

Being an older runnerSomething that makes me really sad is witnessing accomplished runners getting disheartened and down because they can no longer achieve the times they got when they were younger. Particularly when they desperately want that 5, 10K, parkrun, or marathon PB (Personal Best) but realistically it’s not going to happen. MOST people can’t […]

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Running and Mental Health

Running and Mental HealthI started writing a post about mental health months ago, in a week when two things happened on the same day: one of the most talented singers ever, Chris Cornell, took his own life, and a few hours later I heard back from England Athletics that I had been successful in my […]

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