Body Image, Weight and BMI

Body image, weight, and BMI. So I’m currently, at the age of 42 and bar the injury (see last TWO blog posts if you want to read at length about a grown woman moaning about her leg. Selling it there, aren’t I? link and link), probably the healthiest I’ve been in my entire life. I […]

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Cross training. VERY Cross training.

​Cross training. VERY Cross training. I know this blog is supposed be about running, but at the time of writing this I haven’t run for almost a month. At the time of publishing it, I bloody well hope I will be running again*, because there’s a time lag of a couple of weeks (the timeline […]

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Bouncing Back

I AM INJURED. I cannot run and I require ALL the sympathy, and icepacks, and something to put my bad leg on. And ibuprofen. Also chocolate. No, not that shit chocolate, the good stuff. The dark Lindt with seasalt and caramel will do. Well, go to the shop, then! I’m INJURED. And almonds are good […]

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