Emma is a therapist, comics nerd and mother of two in her early 40’s. She started running when her oldest child was about 18 months and the need to be healthy became about more than just her. It was basically an existential crisis about staying alive for her kids. OR possibly she just felt really fat and sluggish and needed to do something that got her out of the house for an hour on her own before she completely lost her sh*t. Definitely one of those two things. Now the kids are older, running is her social life, her therapy and the one thing that she never feels guilty about doing for herself. 6 years after first putting on those running shoes and walk-running around Oxford University Parks she has done several half marathons and 10 mile races and recently completed her first full marathon.

Emma writes the very popular blog posts 'Embot Runs' and is a qualified Leader in Running Fitness, and is a run leader for a women only running group in Oxford "The Garden Cafe Runners"